If we leave the EU without a deal it will not because of the next Tory leader, it’ll be because of Labour, SNP, Plaid Cymru and Lib Dem MPs will not vote with the government. With the support of the mainstream Left the next Prime Minister could easily ignore the no-deal rantings of the ERG head-bangers and minimise job losses when we leave. Yet, despite our having a national referendum in which more than 33 million people voted, these 300 leftist MPs are trying to frustrate the democratically expressed will of the people. (This is very odd since Leftists profess to believe that everyone is equal, and presumably their votes are as well).

Opposition MPs will oppose any deal simply because they cannot bring themselves to vote with the government, when the government is being run by a party that the Left have spent so much time and effort in demonising. Because a majority of Tory MPs are abiding by the result of the referendum, the Left is instinctively rejecting it; dog-whistle politics. The leftist MPs will doubtless cite many arguments or worse, principles*, as to why they cannot support a deal but ultimately they would rather 300,000 British people lose their jobs than that they, the Elect, the Superior, the Progressive, the Only Selectively Rascist should have to vote with a Tory government.

The Lib-Dems were badly burned by governing in coalition with the Tories, their supporters deserted them en-masse when the Lib-Dems were involved in making the sort of hard, and unpopular, decisions that are unavoidable in government. The Left’s supporters are actually even more “principled” than their elected representatives, virtue-signalling poseurs. Morally superiority can be a fun, competitive sport for the whole family.

Brexit is not a party question, it is not the stated policy of one main party being opposed by HM Loyal Opposition. However we got here, and whether one party largely supports the result of the referendum, we decided nationally. The Labour manifesto for the 2017 General Election promised to “respect the result of the Referendum”. Two years later, the Labour MPs elected under that promise are attempting to have the referendum result overturned by stealth, (they don’t want to look like they’re acting undemocratically, hence the “confirmatory” vote). Labour has given itself a difficult task, to screw over the electorate for elitist reasons while pretending that the Tories caused the subsequent recession. A real high-wire act that they can only maintain if the media never seriously question them. You might think that the anti-semitism issue is just a distraction engineered by Jeremy Corbyn** to give the BBC (another elitist Remainer institution) something to act tough about for a couple of years. Always end with a joke.

For reasons of vanity posing as Leftist principle, for the preservation of their self-images and their supporter base, and because the media have the attention span of a retarded goldfish, we will probably  leave the EU without a deal. The Left are demanding the next Prime Minister take No Deal “off the table”, while at the same time they will be the reason that we leave without a deal. They’re seeking to pin the blame on someone else as soon and as thoroughly as possible.

Charles D. F. Board




* Principle; What you say when you cannot think of anything better, cannot stop yourself, just WANT to refuse to compromise or are actually caught in bed with a dead Labrador.

** “A communist is just a badly dressed N.A.Z.I.” ***

*** N.A.Z.I.; National Socialist German Workers Party.

Waiting To Be Saved

It is pointless to petition the government to do more about global warming, in the style of Extinction Rebellion and Greta Thurnberg. Our government is a democratic institution in more than the usual sense that the government is the party with the greatest number of elected MPs. The government’s attitude towards the apparent threat of global warming is an accurate reflection of our attitude. If we are seen to take global warming seriously then the government will as well. All political parties want to be seen to care about the things we care about because they want to be elected or re-elected. Conversely if we don’t give a damn, neither will they. Evidently we don’t much care about the environment or global warming, in the past 40 years that global warming has been an issue and while apparently ever increasing scientific research has confirmed this threat to our mass existence, car use has risen inexorably, we are taking more and longer trips by aeroplane and single use plastics are still ubiquitous.  If we really cared about the environment we would be cutting back on these polluting and CO2 generating activities, instead we are consuming products and services just as fast as we can, with many people going into serious debt to consume more. A constant tsunami of advertising seeks to convince us that we will be happier if we own this or that, that our family and friends will love and respect us if we are seen to own one of those. Our common culture includes a strong element of status-through-consumption.

Governments cannot save us, only we can save ourselves. Rather elegantly; if we can save ourselves, we will prove ourselves worth saving, but unless a majority are capable of rational thought and self restraint, we won’t survive. Don’t worry about the animals, humans are the most fragile species on this planet with our just-in-time supply to supermarkets, our ever-increasing use of artificial fertilisers, our growing dependence on ever more elaborate networks of electrical power and the constant shaving of safety margins in search of short term profits, share price increases and performance related bonuses.

There have been many over-blown meetings of national leaders that have resulted in grand signing ceremonies of environmental treaties, the Kyoto Protocol, Nairobi, Marrakesh, Bali, Poznan, Doha, Warsaw, the Paris Accord. In all these meetings there has never been an agreement to charge tax on jet fuel. Governments used to not charge tax on jet fuel because they didn’t to disadvantage their national airline, but if all countries agreed to charge a tax, no airline would be disadvantaged, somehow this simple disincentive to the most polluting form of travel cannot be achieved. All those air-miles, all those self-congratulatory grand signing ceremonies, so little actual effect.

It’s fun going on protest marches, pretending that you are some kind of rebel while refreshing your sense of moral superiority. But environmental concern is now so much a part of required liberal behaviour that these “protestors” are allowed to occupy important traffic junctions for days at a time, increasing vehicle journey times, traffic grid-lock and air pollution. Real protestors who are defying the establishment are beaten with truncheons, shot with (maybe) rubber bullets and threatened with Alsatians rather than indulged by guilty feeling authorities who probably know more than we do about the real state of the environment but cannot do much about it until we start taking it seriously.

Charles D. F. Board

“Everyone wants to save the world, no-one wants to help mum with the washing-up”

P. J. O’Rourke

The Fetishisation of Youth by the Left.

“Give us a child at seven and he’s ours for life” A Jesuit

The Left wing in politics are using flattery and the “triumph of emotion over reason” to infantilise politics and voters. The Left control the education system and under the guise of “moral education” are “teaching” children that the Left/Liberal value system is the only morally acceptable one, without discussing any of the contradictions or problems of socialism.  It is presented as a black/white choice with none of the possible nuances mentioned. The Left are, in their own interests, teaching young people how not to think for themselves.

The Left generally support giving the vote to 16 year olds. In a world that is often said to be growing increasingly complicated they want to give the vote to people who have not completed their education and will not complete it for between 2 and 6 years, a long time when you’re that young. Can 16 year-olds really be said to think for themselves?

The Left have filled the vacuum resulting from the secularization of society, indeed the Left have contributed to the death of religion in order to replace the church(es) as the moral arbiters of society, loudly repeating the command to “cloth the naked and feed the hungry”. Where the medieval church saw value in educating children, especially the children of the rich and powerful in order to ensure the position of the church, the Left are aping them and reaching for a more mass market, the “big battalions”, more voting cannon-fodder.

When religion is referred to in the media, (another Left target), it is often referenced as a form of insanity or eccentricity, the most extreme examples are often the ones cited, TV evangelists or Christian fundamentalists. (Islamist extremists are more problematic to the Left, who instinctively want to embrace them as fellow anti-Americans).

Like the church, the Left are adept at using guilt. The middle class child who goes to university is quickly told that the middle class are the oppressors and stealers of food from the mouths of the poor. They are told that only through supporting the Left can their sin of being born middle class be forgiven.  “The greatest temptation is that of agreeing with our enemies, hoping thereby to gain their approval” Hannibal Lector. Many, relieved at having found the “True Faith” before becoming social pariahs, never again question these beliefs, 18 or 19 is still a very impressionable age.

The Left have killed religion by contrasting it with the rational, scientific thinking associated with the Enlightenment. This rational thinking has now, in the interests of democracy, been confused with emotionality. One does not have to value the thinking of the stupid or the ignorant, but no-one can value the feelings of one person above another, we are all equal if feelings are prized above thought.

The Left are telling young people that they, the young, are special because they are young, that older people are cynical and greedy and without the principles that young people naturally have. The young are being encouraged to think of themselves as victims, often as victims of their parent’s generation. The un-provable idea that they will never be as prosperous as their parent’s generation is popular, the young are told that they are victims of their parent’s environmental damage, victims of the capitalist greed of the big faceless social media companies. The Left collect victims for their own use, the constant references to this or that “victim” sanctifies the Left and simple repetition labels the Left’s opponents as the oppressors.

The recent environmental protest by schoolchildren in Manchester was a fine example of political flatulence. The children were protesting that older people are damaging the environment for material gain. These same children are ferried to school in increasingly large cars, are ferried to their after school activities in cars, are using vast amounts of electrical energy in powering the many short-lived smart devices that they own. There was a report recently on Radio 4 that the amount of energy consumed in downloading films and videos is equal to that used in air travel, but young people are never encouraged to question whether their consumer habits might be damaging the environment too.

It is observable that many young people, and especially those with brains or talent and therefore with greater choice, want to get jobs in areas outside anything to do with the private sector which they are taught is powered by the profit motive, by greed; they want jobs with charities or NGOs. It is surely foolish to denigrate the private sector when it is the greatest funder of the public sector services that society needs and values, but the Left don’t mind tearing down our present system, Pol Pot style, to replace it with their New Jerusalem no matter how much misery or unemployment or underfunded public services are the result.

The fetishisation of youth in the interests of the Left will produce future generations that hate growing old even more than previous generations; vanity, insecurity and self absorption will reach epidemic proportions and may form a whole future swath of mental–health problems, while a reluctance to admit one’s ageing by interrupting career paths or hedonist lifestyles to have children will further damage our already shrunken birth-rate.

In the twisted logic of the Left propaganda it is never mentioned that as the young get older they must surely become less special, to agree with the Left is to be forever young, forever special. At the same time they, the Left, are hanging on to their rapidly vanishing youth by agreeing with the young. In flattering the young the Left are really only flattering themselves, no wonder they have such a good opinion thereof.


Everybody wants to go to heaven, but nobody wants to die” Anon

The Brexit Deal


Theresa May recently “tabled” the deal she has negotiated with the EU. Some of her cabinet colleagues have resigned, Dominic Raab has resigned and he was the Brexit Secretary, surely he knew what was coming in the deal!

Theresa May would have got a better deal if the other political parties and the nation’s politicians had got behind her, if the British media had gotten behind her, if we had all got behind her. She/We/Britain must appear to the European Commission’s negotiators as a “house divided”, weak, an easy target for some tough bargaining.

By not supporting the PM, the other politicians and parties are responsible (maybe more responsible that the PM herself) for the poor bargain that we are probably going to get and for the thousands of jobs that will be lost.

One can half understand the Welsh nationalists and Nicola Sturgeon of the SNP trying to use this crisis to further their main cause, to try and separate their countries a little bit more in the hope that in future the little bits all add up to independence, but they are damaging not only the people they claim to care about but our nation as a whole. The Labour party is praying that the whole Brexit process screws up so badly that they will get elected, even with their present Marxist leader. If 250,000 or 500,000 jobs are lost and they don’t share the blame, Labour will probably get in at the next election; but by not supporting the PM, Labour must share some of the blame, we had a referendum after all and we voted to leave. Theresa May seems like the only honest politician in the game at this point, she didn’t campaign for Brexit but as Prime Minister she has no choice but to implement the will of the people.

All the other parties are gaming the situation for their own purposes while politicians within the Tory party are positioning themselves for future leadership bids or just trying not to be splattered by any of the “mud” that’ll be flying around when this whole thing hits the fan. Maybe that’s why Dominic Raab resigned, he was frightened that having his name attached to this deal would bury any chance of him ever becoming Prime Minister, if so there are plenty of politicians like him in Westminster /Edinburgh/Cardiff.

Michael Portillo on the “This Week” program (15.11.18) said that many of the parliamentarians who object to the proposed deal are doing so from deeply held principles. OK, some of them are but when their deeply held principles end up damaging this country on something as basic as people’s jobs, maybe politicians with deeply held principles are not what we need, if they are putting their “principles” ahead of our jobs, this quibbling over minor details so as not to have to support the PM isn’t principles, it’s manoeuvring. The Tory party has always had a pragmatic viewpoint, “politics is the art of the possible“, a lack of theoretical hair-splitting that has benefited the party and the country while the socialists spend their time fracturing into ever smaller groups over how many social workers can dance on the head of a pin. For so many Tories to indulge their “principles” at this point is embarrassing for us who support the party.

We had a referendum and we voted to leave. If politicians and parties cannot respect this then how are they respecting and upholding democracy. In other countries recently; France, Brazil and the USA spring to mind, whole political parties and systems have fallen away or been by-passed to be replaced by populists or by new groups untutored in the limitations of what is possible. If our current generation of politicians lack the courage to support Theresa May, lack the respect for democracy that means supporting the referendum result and insist on putting their own party or personal interests ahead of ours, that same thing will, or some would say should happen here.


1.24 million killed, BBC run cover-up

Following the recent attack in Paris, the BBC put together a montage of bits of film from the attacks and the aftermath, and played it with a sad, slow piano soundtrack to milk even more emotion from what had happened, scattered body parts like an explosion in an abattoir and an entire city in fear are not enough apparently and, what does this say about some of the people who work at the BBC?

The death of a loved one in a terrorist attack is heart breaking for their friends and family, so is the death of a loved one in a traffic accident.

The French lose about 3,200 people a year on their roads, 62.5 people per week. The number of people killed in the recent terrorist attack in Paris are lost every fortnight on French roads, the equivalent of 25 terrorist attacks a year, it’s just not reported like that. Around the world 1,240,000 people are killed by motor vehicles each year, by comparison terrorism is an irrelevance, but traffic accidents are not news, obviously.  What’s news is what they say is news and when the BBC has 40% of total viewer/hours in this country that is immense power. See below for a selection from…

Tip: If you see a car in the Central African Republic, run!

Traffic Accidents by Country-Short


Volkswagen to run Syrian refugee camps

Volkswagen has really got it’s tits caught in the ringer, fitting “clever” engine management electronics that give better emission results in a Test Situation, (and then getting caught) has damaged their reputation (apparently) and is going to cost them £billions (really), their share price has dropped like a paralysed falcon. VW has set aside 6,500,000,000 Euros to recall and “fix” the 11 million cars with the dodgy electronics, the new company chairman has said that this will probably not be enough but has not given a new figure, of course there will also be massive, fines in places like California. Let’s say they are going to be bled to the tune of 10,000,000,000 Euros.

Instead of wasting this money on resolving what is essentially a breach of bureaucratic regulations, VW should be tasked with spending the same money and energy on upgrading the refugee camps in Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan. Let’s make this their punishment. The cars work, right?  VW says “The software in question does not affect handling, consumption or emissions” and they aren’t going to lie at this point. The refugee camps hold approx. 2.5 million refugees from Syria, (not the rich “refugees” who can afford to pay people smugglers to get them to the more prosperous parts of Europe but the ones you don’t see on the news) you can probally picture the lack of medical care, jobs and raison d’etre that cover the camps along with dust and the smell of untreated sewage. The German reputation for organisation is not undeserved, it would be a treat to watch a major company on a mission from God/Allah organise medical and educational facilities in the refugee camps with the speed and efficiency of a Panzer Division in forward gear. VW would probably be so grateful for this opportunity to redeem their global reputation that they would throw in a extra billion or two, wouldn’t they? The German government might want to encourage them, on the basis that with half decent camps located close to Syria, Germany and Europe wouldn’t have to take so many refugees.

A German company like VW may be the last people who give a damn about their reputation; so many people (e.g. british bank directors) just take the money and run. Why give a monkey’s about your public persona when you can insulate yourself from the great unwashed or even the actually informed by the application of thick wads of money.

It would be a pity to see a large proportion of these potentially useful billions spent on the large law companies who are, I am sure, as we speak hastily positioning themselves to take advantage of VW’s problems, lobbyists and other bi-pedal moral vacuums. The people who will rain on this idea are those who measure their importance by the amount of pointless paperwork they can generate in enforcing the small print of the geometrically increasing regulations that can be used to railroad even the most powerful in society. Putting the money that VW are definitely going to lose into something immediate and positive with minimal bureaucratic hot air would be refreshing all round, and will benefit most the politicians that get on board first.

Government by Social Media.

Following the publication of pictures of 3 year old Aylan Kurdi lying dead on the beach, our government’s policy on refugees has changed overnight, because apparently politicians cannot resist pressure from social media (or the tabloid media), even a Prime Minister who is not going to fight another General Election.

The prime minister already knew that people are dying in attempting to cross the Mediterranean, hell, everybody has known for years that people have been are dying and this is certainly not the first dead baby, but put a picture of a dead child in the papers and half the voters in this country suddenly lose any capacity for rational thought. The minority of social media blatherskates who cannot have a “thought” without instantly broadcasting it to a world they think is agog to hear their latest second-hand opinions, are actually shaping policy for HM Government, incredibly, we have, in the degeneration of our democracy, reached the stage of government by social media. Some people may celebrate this as real democracy, politicians listening to “the people”. But these are not “the people”, merely the noisiest, the most vocal, the most inclined to “shoot from the lip” in our society. The Oprah-era think-with-your-heart, feel-with-your-head types who are now calling for more refugees to be shipped to Britain are the same ones who will soon be calling these same people “immigrants” and complaining about the extra strain they are putting on the local NHS and school places. Government policy is being made by Social Media because our careerist politicians lack any notion of leadership and conviction and rely on using focus-group survey results to tell them what they should think and do.

This government by social-media and focus-group is reinforced by inevitable reaction of the Look-at-me-Liberals, television and newspaper journalists hastily jumping on the bandwagon and competing to use the suffering of the refugees as a visual back-drop to their, the journalists, exhibition of compassion and concern. With solemn, slow-talking voices they list every possible detail of the refugees suffering in a tone of voice that implicitly criticises the audience for not caring as much as they do. Of course it was a picture of a dead child, our titillating, sensationalist media, seeking to sell newspapers or jack up their viewing figures, know that they have trained us like Pavlov’s dog to respond to dead baby pictures or DBPs as they call them in the newrooms.

The war in Syria is chiefly a fight between differing interpretations of Islam and is funded to a large extent by Iran on one side and Saudi Arabia on the other. The six wealthy Gulf countries – Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Bahrain, as well as Iran – have offered to rehouse exactly none of the Syrian refugees. In shipping these refugees all the way to Britain we will separate them from the culture, language and climate that they know. We  (and they) would be far better off spending the money on improving the refugee camps in Lebanon and Jordan from where, once the war is over, they can more easily return home. Instead of our Prime Minister rushing to publicise how many thousands of refugees we are now (post dead-baby picture) morally obliged to take, instead of worrying about his image and his “legacy”, he should be demanding a debate and a condemnation in the UN of the mindless religious bigots in Iran and Saudi Arabia/The Gulf whose funding of the war in Syria has killed tens of thousands and forced millions of people to flee their homes.